Sunday, July 1, 2007

419 be this !!!!!!!

I am doing something unusual today, posting a letter i received from some dude for sure. I don’t believe this Mrs Lamin business. Read the mail below and get an idea of what is making me mad this evening. I am posting it to serve as an eye opener to greedy people wanting to taste honey when they have no bees. These 419 folks mean business but not this Ghana gal.

Dear one,
Assalamualaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuh .
may Allah guide you through reading this letter,and also may he direct you on how to assite us.
I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere transaction
I am mrs kate lamine the wife of late Alhaji lamine Kazzem
My husband was former
Director of finance Sierra-Leone diamond,Gold and mining corporation, in Free Town , the economic capital of Sierra Leon, my husband was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip .
Before his death in a private hospital in Free Town Sierra Leon. he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of Ten Million,five hundred United State Dollars. US($10,000.000 .500.00) left in fixed /suspense account in one of the prime bank in Accra the economic capital of Ghana ,that he used my name as his only wife for the next of Kin in depositing of the fund. He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates.That incase he die I should move out of the country down to Ghana where he made the deposit to seek for a foreignbussiness partner in a country of my choice where i will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose to take good care of his kids,susan and yeremi.
I am living in Ghana since 3months now.
Dear I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways,
To serve as a guardian of this fund since and To assite me get this funds transferd
make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit in your country while you will be take care of investing this money.
Moreover, Dear, I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum as compensation for your effort/ input after the successful transfer of this fund into your nominated account overseas Furthermore, you indicate your options towards assisting me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within Seven (4) days you signify interest to assist me.
Pls call me or contact me on my private email
telephone +233 207645244
Anticipating to hear from you soon.
Thanks and Regards,
Wassalamualaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuh
mrs kate k lamine

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Date with the Cleveland Police

Since I arrived in the states in February, I have dreaded having to encounter the US police especially the highway patrol guys but atlas I have had a date with the Garfield Heights police in Cleveland. I lost my purse in Garfield Heights under very strange circumstances, some dude obviously more desperate than I am just picked it up. Fortunately I had very little cash in it as I have become very accustom to using my cards to shop instead of carry cash like I did in GH.I however had some ID cards in it. That is what I am concerned about now. After calling the police to report the loss, I waited for 30 minutes for the police to arrive that is impressive by Ghanaian standards. This fine policeman took down my particulars and a narration of what had happened and told me politely to be more careful with my purse next time. As if I didn’t know that!!!……………

Anyway, that was just a small blight to my otherwise wonderful visit to Cleveland. My official trip went well and then I had Friday evening to take care of. Cleveland is a beautiful city with a bustling nightlife. My host in Cleveland took us out for dinner at the Shooters Restaurant on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. Friday night at this restaurant is totally awesome. The food is great, the atmosphere splendid and the crowd totally fun loving.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Summer is here and I have already started having fun, was out having fun with some gals. Aloha………………

Friday, June 15, 2007

Rest in Peace

Mufty being interviewed by Kwesi Anim-Agye of Joy FM at the Ghana Music Awards ,2007.
Rest in Peace dear brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Luv Ya dear friend and brother

Today I am mourning the death of my friend and brother Mufty Dabre of Peace FM, Accra. I woke up this morning to hear the news of his death and I am very sad indeed. Many of you may have assumed that Mufty and I were blood relations because we shared a surname. That unfortunately is not true. I am not denying him but only making a point of how he took me for a sister and told every one who had ears to hear that we were related and I am grateful for that because he was a great person.

This is how Mufty and I “clicked”, I was at work one day in Joy FM a couple of years ago when I had a call that my brother was looking for me from the reception. I was surprised because my only brother kofi will usually call before he shows up just to be sure that I was available. I took me some minutes to go to the reception as I had a news deadline, when I arrived my “brother “ had left and there was a number for me to call. So I asked which of my brother had come by since I have many cousins. I was told Mufty,it took me awhile for the information to sink in because we were not friends let alone brother and sister.

Even though we were both on radio in Accra, we had never met to so came to see this siter of his and find out if were blood relations. I said no since he is a Bimoba and I am a Nabdam. But that was a beginning of our friendship. Over the years, Mufty and I had talked endlessly about stuff .h sometimes called to ask about some topic we discussed on “Home Affairs” a program I hosted on Joy Fm because his woman wanted to listen or read about .

He was such a funny and hard working person. I always liked the way he
‘run things” Peace Fm especially on Sundays, that’s when I get to relax and enjoy his selection. He was good at it. Now that you are dead Mufty, who will serenade me with beautiful Ghanaian music on Sunday? You worked so hard you never found time to home for a meal of TZ.
Fair thee well dear ‘Brother’, ”Cousin” and “Friend”
I will forever remember your smile and Charm.
Luv ya bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nice Boston

My trip to Boston was simply awesome. I had wonderful company, did my favorite past time, i.e. go shopping and of course eat Ghanaian food. Worcester is a lovely place and I am glad I had the opportunity to visit it. Yaa Maggie and Mavis, thanks for the invitation. I promise to retaliate the next time you visit Ghana.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Meeting Friends in Boston

I am in Boston this weekend visiting my friends Maggie and Mavis.These ladies were my floormates at the Mensah Sarbah Hall at the University of Ghana in the late 90's.They were really nice gals from Kumasi.We did all sorts of crazy stuff on campus and i remember our banku and okro stew sessions with Fati Abu in charge.She was the matron of the floor and i was the floor rep.They were a joy to be with and still are.Its been almots 8 years since last saw each.I am enjoying their company while it last.This is only an introductory part of my visit.